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The Faint – Doom Abuse

The Faint – Doom Abuse

7. July 2014 @ 18:02
by Helmut Eder

In the music industry, dropping out of view or taking a hiatus can be deadly for an artist. It can mean less airplay on the radio and fewer tours, making a comeback difficult. It’s been nearly six years since The Faint released an album. During that time, the band kept fairly quiet as a group, but still remained active through the side projects Broken Spindles and Depressed Buttons. They even appeared on Yo Gabba Gabba! in 2010 performing a song about learning from your teacher. Though it was a long time coming, Doom Abuse is a welcome return for the group since their proper reformation in 2012 and stands as a slap-to-the-face comeback album, proving that The Faint is refusing to fade away.

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