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For Love Of The Guitar – Part 5

For Love Of The Guitar – Part 5

13. April 2014 @ 22:48
by Helmut Eder

Now I could physically play a lot on the guitar. My fingers have the great strength and although I still needed to work on my accuracy, I really feel good physically. So what is next? How do I take the next step in my journey? Given that I know nothing about music theory and certainly didn’t pay attention in music class as a child, there is a lot I needed to learn about reading music. I knew I didn’t need to be classically trained in this area, I just needed to learn what the notes told me about timing. When I first started learning songs, I would basically play them as fast as I could. Although it sounded decent and slightly resembled the song I was trying to play, it was definitely missing something. I also took a class at Coursera. Coursera is an awesome place to take online classes – they are free and usually taught by college professors or at least from people with a great deal of knowledge. You can actually take classes for anything from photography to advanced calculus.

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