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For Love of The Guitar – Part 3

For Love of The Guitar – Part 3

6. December 2014 @ 19:36
by Helmut Eder

The biggest hurdle in learning the guitar for me was switching between chords. This proved to take more time than anything else. I started out switching between the D major and C major chords. Again, I used a metronome and started at a very slow speed. I can’t stress enough how important using a metronome is to beginners (I said this in Part 2 of this series!). I didn’t start using it in the beginning and I had to go back and work on my rhythm (and I am still working on it today!). I eventually moved on to work on switching between every other major and minor chord. Switching to the G major chord was always the most difficult for me because it requires moving your fingers the longest distance.

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